Rise CHAR Room Spray

Rise CHAR Room Spray

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Have trouble putting some morning pep in your step?

To be honest this room spray is really a power play. Rose petal infused spray with notes of apple, sage, and lemongrass; It's a room spray meant for action.    

*Product is natural and handmade. 

Ingredients include: Distilled water, natural preservative, dried flowers or herbs, and essential oils. 

Instructions: Pump 2 sprays into the air or on linen to kick your day off proper. Pair with a self motivating mantra like from the iconic Tina Turner, "You're Simply the best, better than all the rest" to get your day started for added effect. 


Wellness benefit of aromas:

Apple: Revitalizing for the body, helps clear headaches and nervousness related to stress. Aromatically uplifting. 

Sage: Is often used to clarify the mind by bringing forth positive thoughts to help ease a negative mood. Some say sage helps with alertness and focus. 

Lemongrass: This self-esteem booster is believed to help promote confidence and relieve stress, in effect calming you and your space.

Rose Petals: When used as an ingredient for aromatic purposes, rose petals are often used to help alleviate stress, boost mood, and sharpen memory.