Sage CHAR Smudge
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Sage CHAR Smudge

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Handmade with loving intention...Bundles either remove negative vibrations and/or balance energies out; please read the details below when choosing your smudge bundle Smudging has been used for many years by many different cultures as a way to clear spaces and people of negative energy. It is also commonly used in meditation or for protection. Science has shown that herbal smudging cleans the air of bacteria and contaminates. -Sage- Banish negative energy. Improve air quality. Boost mood while decreasing stress. This is common sage, cousin to white sage; all though lacking in popularity common sage provides all the same benefits. The aroma is sweet and softer than it's cousin and great for people that find white sage a bit too potent for frequent use.

~How to Smudge~ Open a window during ceremony so that the negative energy can clear the room. For herbal bundles simply light the end until an ember forms. Allow the bundle to burn for a moment and blow out the flame. The herb bundle will then smolder producing the smoke used to cleanse. Cover yourself with the smoke, then fill your home with the burning smudge bundle reaching each corner of the space. Positive affirmations for abundance are always a plushy bonus. :) Use a shell or heat proof plate to catch the falling ash. Suggested to cut the end piece off when relighting, and feel free to snip away any twine that may interview with lighting the bundle. Materials and herbs are locally sourced in Atlanta, GA.